Curriculum Vitae (0.14MB)

Kepa is a Chartered Professional Engineer and is affiliated to the Ngati Pikiao tribe of Aotearoa New Zealand. Kepa has been recognised for his consulting expertise and research on numerous occasions, working at the interface between Maori and Engineering, and has broad experience in governance and leadership roles in state and indigenous organisations. Now in an academic role, his research focuses on applications of the Mauri Model Decision Making Framework. The Mauri Model has been recognised as best practice for sustainability assessment in Aotearoa New Zealand. Kepa’s work has been published in ICE Engineering Sustainability, Hydrology and Desalination. The Mauri Model has been presented at international conferences as the topic of invited keynote presentations (Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling 2005, ANZSYS Systems Thinking / Managing the Complex V 2005, Sustainable Indigenous Communities 2006, IAHR APD 2016) and most recently has been used to understand the response to New Zealand's worst environmental disaster, the 2011 MV Rena grounding.